Saturday, 1 March 2014

Punes best Pani Puri

I love street food and I especially love Gol gappe / Pani Puri / Puchka so it comes as no surprise then that I am a little fussy about my favourite street food!

I like the outer shell of the pani puri to be perfectly "khasta" (crisp)....I only like suji ke gol gappe and not the atta ke gol gappe!

punes best street food
 I like the water to be at the perfect temperature , not too cold but still a little cold. The paani must also be  the right blend of minty freshness and tangy khattapan (sourness) from the Imli .

 And Om Jai Shankar hits all the right notes ! After eating pani puri at so many places in Pune over the last 22 years this is just the best! Its not a recent discovery I have been eating here for the last 20 years almost.
punes best paani puri
 It remians consistent and excellent what I also love is despite the popularity of this place you will very often find the owner behind the counter mixing his magical mix!

What started as a humble Chaat thela or handcart opposite the Pune Railway station by a sindhi gentleman by the name of Mr Motiram Devnani is today Om Jai Shankar Pani Puri in BabaJaan Chowk , MG road!

Mr Devnani sold his chaat business to Sanjay Yande and he has been running the business for the last 40 years with the help of his son Sachin!

poona best paani puri

They do catering as well and the whos who of Pune have eaten their Paani Puri. Ofcourse they have other things on the menu which are nice as well but ofcourse its the Paani Puri that is phenomenal and pulls in the crowds!

poona paani puri best
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 Do visit if you are in the area . Open everyday 12 noon onwards up until 10.30 PM.

mg road pune street food