Monday, 23 December 2013

Goa Local Market

A wise man once said there is no better way of getting a sense of a regions cuisine ,its people and customs than by visiting a local market......

Aromatic Spices

Its possibly the first thing I do when I travel.....make a list of all the local markets I want to visit....infact I plan entire holidays around markets and the food I will eat :))

So here are some pictures to walk you through a local Goan market....not the tourist-y kinds but the authentic kind where the local Goan home maker would go shop for weekly supplies of fish,fruit,fiery red chillies, potent and aromatic spices , fresh warm poi bread, dried fish, souring agents like kokum and tamarind, home made goan pork sausages and other fantastic produce .....

Home made Goan Prok sausages 

Home made Goan Prok sausages 

Fiery Goan Chilies

Garlic on steroids! :)

Konkani lady selling souring agents tamarind and Kokum both integral to the curries of Goa

Konkani lady selling souring agents tamarind and Kokum both integral to the curries of Goa

Biscuits .... I love the old style glass  jars 

Pots & pans

Sea salt

Sukhat prawns....dry prawns

Aunty Rose and her wonderful stall selling everything you need in your Goan pantry

Aunty Rose with her famous Rechado paste

Warm Poi.....traditional Goan bread

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All under the watchful eye of the Lord

All under the watchful eye of the Lord

Quills of Cinnamon 

Variants of rice

Jasmine to adorn the hair 

Taking a break after shopping? 

Love the bangles and the flowers in her hair! Had a lovely chat even though we dint have a common language....just some gestures and a lot of smiling :)

Sisters at work 

More fiery chilly

And its a wrap.....its time for LUNCH :))


  1. Aditi, terrific pictures...Its so true that you have to visit the local markets to get the essence of the place.... i do that with homestays... prefer that to hotels anyday when i travel :) I love all the pictures, Loved the old buiscuit jars,red chillies... Aunty Rose looks too kind..Whats a Rechado paste?. Caption : "Hello, Poi's khatam...and the galla is full "..LOL...
    I didn't know there are so many variants of rice... only knew about the white, brown and red...
    By the way, love the "taking a break with a bidi " pic...LOL...

  2. Hi Gauri Thank-you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! I love the taking a break pic too...:))

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