Friday, 13 December 2013


There is something strangely romantic about Bombay on a just turns into a different city all together....a far cry from the bustling financial hub that it is on all other days of the week.....

Bombay on weekdays is crowded , full of traffic with cars honking...screeching breaks , people jostling for space on foot paths and everyone is in a hurry....hurry to make it to office, to the train station , hurry to make it big.....
Gateway of India

But on Sundays Bombay slows down, Bombay takes a deep breath.....roads that are normally choc-a-bloc with traffic turn into cricket pitches.....

It is just the best day to visit South Bombay gives you a chance to admire the architecture, to look out into the sea , to admire the majestic Gateway of India , walk the tree canopied streets ....enjoy a long leisurely lunch ......

Last Sunday I did all the above with my best friend N, we went to Bombay to attend the Uppercrust Food Show ....Uppercrust prides itself at being Indias first food, wine and travel magazine.....
N and I

The show was good....a lot of demos , new ingredients, free food samples :)) ...always a good thing!
We came home with bags full of goodies....

Here are a few pictures.......

Sri Lankan Tea beautifully packed!

Japanese tid bits

Christmas Gift Hampers

Dates...with exotic stuffings!

Doodh na puff.....a Parsee Delicacy....Milk beaten to frothy goodness

What followed was excellent lunch at Sufriya a new middle eastern restaurant on Colaba Causeway.....good, fast food , very reasonably priced and the little place is so conveniently located fit in well with our agenda of shopping in Colaba.....

Lunch at Sufriya , Colaba Causeway....Hummus platter

Shopping at Bombay Electric

Shopping at Good Earth

Beautiful Courtyard at the Good Earth store



  1. Wow! After reading and seeing this post I feel like going back home for a vacation. I love Good Earth. If only it wasn't so expensive. Seriously The last time I was in that store I had to just close my eyes and walk away.
    Missing food from Jaffar Bhai. All of it looks so good and now I need a trip back home!

  2. Wow... Loved the photographs... i miss mumbai all the more now ( am a true thorough mumbaiite, now staying in delhi from past one year)... wish i was there, shopping from Sula wineyard, japanese stall and cakekraft would have been on my list!!! The lemon basil punch served in matkas is a terrific idea and Dudh na puff is new to me :) Thank you so much for sharing this...