Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dal Bati Churma in Pune

Dal Bati Churma is very popular in Rajasthan , Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh .....

 Being a desert  state the people of Rajasthan learnt to cook food that could be preserved for long periods of time ....bati is a sort of unleavened bread in which ghee is used as a preservative. 

Back in the day people had to cover long distances so it was essential to make and carry a mean that was both high in nutritional content and sustaining at the same time .

Dal Bati Churma Pune

The best bet for authentic Dal Bati Churma in Pune is The Baba Ramdev Dhaba in Nigdi

I have tried various versions that are served as part of the "Special Thali" in some popular chains like Mayur Thali , Rajdhani etc but nothing comes close to whats served here!

The Dal is fantastic ....bati is perfectly cooked on a slow coal flame ....with an endless supply of desi ghee and Chaas few meals can be as satisfying

Dal Bati in Poona

Before we ordered our Dal Bati we had some Kheechiya ...Rajasthani for papad! Very tasty

Main course was ofcourse Dal Bati ( Rs 50) and Churma Desi Ghee ( Rs 75 for a full plate)

Dal Bati comes with a side of onions , lemon wedge and a very spicy awesome red chilly chutney

This place also served punjabi food and the works but I suggest you try the Dal Bati Churma because thats what really draws the crowds to this place

Get there early on weekends this place gets very very crowded ...they have an AC hall to dine in upstairs ...seating downstairs is in the open its a basic sort of place with awesome sort of food!

The only place for good authentic Dal Bati Churma in Pune....

Desi Ghee Churma die for!!!!! I can eat platefuls

A Big Thank you to our good friends Saurabh Singh & his beautiful wife Anu for taking us here ...I would have never discovered this jewel if it wasnt for you guys!

Nigdi Dhaba

Sec 23, Transport Nagar
Nigdi Pune-411035
Tel: 020 - 27655551
Mobile No: 9325070143 

Pimpri Restaurant 

6/41 Vallabh Nagar Bus Depo
Pimpri Pune-411018
Tel: 020 - 27655551
Mobile No: 9325070143


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