Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pune's best Vada Pao

The summer is on its way out and its time for the great Indian Monsoons!
I was away from India for the last two monsoons so I am really looking forward to the rains this year!

punes best vada pao

Its amazing how the change in weather gets me craving for completely different kinds of food.All through the summer months all I wanted was lots of fruit ...Mangoes...lots of juices and cold coffee 

And now just after the first rains of the season all I really want is hot chocolate , onion pakodas ( fritters) and ofcourse Vada Pao!

punes best vada pao

Vada Pao is basically a giant potato filling.... batter coated and deep fried to crispy perfection and served in a pao (melt in your mouth pillow-y bread)...

There are several versions found all around Maharashtra and Vada Pao makes for excellent street food ...think of it as India's version of a burger!

punes best vada pao

Makes for a great , quick , portable lunch/snack...

This post is about MY most favorite Vada Pao in my home city of Pune....I have tried several iconic stalls that serve this addictive snack but this is THE best according to me...

Its always bustling with people , the vadas are crunchy and hot , its served with a delicious sweet-spicy chutney and comes with a side of chopped onions and pickled lemon /green chillies...

Go here when you are in Pune next ...Rs 14 for a Vada Pao dont forget to ask for double chutney and lots of green chillies. :))

JJ Garden Vada Pao
Behind M G Road
Near JJ Agyari (Fire Temple)


  1. Hi Aditi, this looks awesome... I am in Pune for 2 days in 1 st week of july and i have already noted 2 places to visit - Bedekar tea stall for misal paav, and Dorabjee's for parsi food.( apart from khatri which i go everytime for the gulkand mastani ). This vada pav stall seems interesting. I will add it to my list. If you in Pune during that time, i would love to meet you.
    I crave for vada paav here in Delhi and make do with homemade vadas... Here's how i made them :

  2. Oh yes.... this is the one next to the Agyari. Their actual shop is round the corner (on Booty street) but this hath gadi sells more than the sale in the shop. It is so hot that one has to wait for it to cool down. Whenever my friends come down from Mumbai, I take them to this place, and they swear that they have never had anything like this before.

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