Thursday, 15 May 2014

JW Marriott Pune - Secret Recipes by Chef Ajmal

One of my most favorite things to do is looking at recipes from a cook book....I think I enjoy perusing recipes more than actual cooking! (ha ha)

I love a good cookbook holds between its covers the possibility of so many spectacular meals.....

I have over the years managed to gather quite a good collection....some inherited ...I really treasure those...with yellowing pages and comments scribbled along side recipes.....thank you Mom and Nanijee :))

Some bought from second hand book stores , some new cook books with glossy pages and endless possibilities , some picked up from flea markets around the world often in poor condition....

So today I want to tell you about the latest addition to my cook book collection....its my current favorite....

chef ajmal

I love nothing better than to make myself a cup of my Spice and Herb Chai....and look at the lovely pictures of this book....

chef ajmal

I got lucky and got invited to meet Chef Ajmal at the JW Marriott Pune for a special chance to watch him cook 3 recipes from his newly launched book....

chef ajmal
Mango Chiffon Cake

chef ajmal
Southern Indian fried chicken

chef ajmal
Summer Salad

It was such a lovely afternoon I got to meet some great and talented people....hopefully I will get to know them better as the days roll by....

Chef Ajmal is an exceptional Chef with many years of experience in the Kitchen.....he was so much fun to interact with and was kind enough to share some lovely tips with us.....after which he personalized my copy of the book

chef ajmal

This book is a special edition with some of the best recipes served at the JW Marriott Pune ....its beautifully compiled with lovely pictures ....

If you would like to own a copy for yourself or gift it to someone you love the book retails exclusively at the Pune Baking Company ,JW Marriott , Senapati Bapat Road, Pune and retails at INR 1500.


  1. Hi Aditi,
    Will definitely get my hands on this book.Love the mango chiffon cake. Looks so good!!!

  2. Oh yum! I am salivating on that book too!